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Saltsburg Heights
Saltsburg PA 15681

            400 Hemlock Way

            400 Point St.

            524 Salt Street

Saltsburg Heights is comprised of apartments in three different locations of town but all in close proximity to the downtown area of Saltsburg.  Saltsburg is a historical town, where you will enjoy the unique historic environment that surrounds you. The apartment units are 2 and 3 bedroom family townhomes offering central air-conditioning and off street parking. An extra storage area is also provided to each tenant, so there‚Äôs no need to have all those extra items take up space in your apartment.


Hemlock Way

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Point Street

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Salt Street

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IMPORTANT NOTICE : We, at the Housing Authority, recognize that some of our Public Housing Residents/Section 8 Participants may be in a distressing situation regarding their employment status.  Please report all changes in income and family composition IMMEDIATELY to our office.  We have a solution to adjust your rent during this crisis.